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Don’t Be Ashamed of your Roots!

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Dear Blog Diary,

Why would God give us great stories, ideas and experiences if we’re not supposed to share them? Why would he allow us to go through things that shape the very core of our being if we weren’t supposed to accept our journey and be proud of how we made it? As we’ve began to our natural black hair in recent years, why don’t we think who we are, where we come from, our languages and culture is worth fully embracing as well? Will we continue to sugarcoat our tongues to please those who may not appreciate our treasures?

Everyone will not be attracted to people who speak their mind, but those who are will respect the realness of their character. Likewise, we know everyone isn’t going to love black people and our cultures, but the ones who do will share in our sorrows, support our success, and stand up for our satisfaction. At times, it can seem like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. However, I see our struggles, I believe in our strengths and I support the sharing of our stories. Communication is always key and telling your story can help those who haven’t quite found their way. That’s why I tell stories on greeting cards even if I know some of the messages are out of the ordinary.

Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries and no matter how undesirable a situation may be, somebody else can still relate or possibly even benefit from it. Therefore, don’t be ashamed of your roots! Continue to cultivate the dirt that life can sometimes throw at you and use it to plant seeds of success. Then grow in gratitude every day when you turn around and see your green garden of greatness!

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